One of the most prominent languages of the Middle East is Arabic. It is spoken by an estimated 260 million people across the world. Arabic is the most common language in countries like UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It is a known fact that many people work in the gulf countries where Arabic is the primary language. By knowing Arabic, it makes it easier to communicate and interact with people at the workplace. The Holy Book of Muslims, which is the Quran is also written in Arabic, which is why the people who speak Arabic give it prime importance. They believe it is the language by which they can communicate with the Almighty. Arabic is taught to children who study in all these gulf countries where learning this language is compulsory. However, in other parts of the world also Arabic is gaining importance as a second language. Students who want to look for Job opportunities abroad choose Arabic is their second language because it would give them enough time to study the basics of the language so that they can settle down and get accustomed easily in the future. Learning Arabic is completely different compared to all other languages in the world. Unlike normal languages where words are written on a page from the left hand side starting from the margin, in Arabic words are written from the right side which is exactly opposite to the traditional nomenclature of writing. This makes it a little difficult to write and read this language, although speaking is a far easier task.

Why learn Arabic?