Our Story

We are a proud family owned Education Hub. Mrs. Neena Ramani, the founder director, loves teaching Spoken English. She started taking 'Spoken English Classes' for adults from her home. She saw the tremendous need that the locals had for being able to speak in English. The locals are all bright, intelligent and creative but because of their lack of fluency in communicating in English, they often find themselves at a disadvantage. Her strongly believed that all it needed to get people to speak in English was a simple, fun-filled method with a lot of opportunity for her students to use the language. Being a life-long learner herself, she kept attending numerous workshops the world over in her attempt to find effective ways of bringing quick results for her students.

In 2004, with support from her family, she opened 'The Versatile Academy' at College road in Nasik with just a white board and 10 plastic chairs. In a few years, the center started booming and her son, Mr. Salim Ramani, a successful businessman, joined her. The academy was now renamed The Versatile Academy of Spoken English and Personality Development. It became a premier institute in Nasik and students were flocking from all over Nasik and also from the suburbs. Companies from around the city started asking them to come on their site and conduct long term English as well as Personality Development Courses for their employees.

Mrs. Saniya Ramani, who teaches French in multiple international schools, soon joined them. Ever since, she has divided her day between school and Versatile. The demand for Foreign Languages was growing hence the academy added the department of 'Foreign Languages' and started offering courses in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin etc.An independent department for ‘Foreign Languages’ was set up under her leadership.

Many students were requesting their support for facilitating the process for them to go overseas for further education, thus in the year 2014, an independent department, 'Versatile Academy, Study Abroad' was set up. Currently, Mr. Salim Ramani heads this department. Though this department is a 'work-in-progress', many students are flocking here for this service.

All of this growth has been possible, first and foremost with the grace of the Almighty and then because of the commitment of the family to its belief that the local population of Nasik has the best potential possible.



Self-Empowered, Self-Actualized and Happy People


To make a Positive Difference in Every Student’s Life