Our Team


Mrs. Neena Ramani, is the Founder Director of Versatile Academy. Fond of teaching languages, she started training students at home and in the year 2004 took the bold step of starting the Versatile Academy on College Road, Nashik. Her commitment and dedication towards the students has made a difference in their lives. Her exuberant personality makes her classes fun and fast paced. Her motto is, ‘Learn with Fun’. She firmly believes that ‘Quality employees generate quality results.’ therefore, all employees at Versatile Academy are highly qualified in their respective fields. She now takes care of the Versatile Academy of Spoken English and Personality Development.

Salim Ramani joined Mrs. Neena Ramani, his mother at the Versatile Academy in 2008 and started the Versatile Overseas Consultants. Young, dynamic, well travelled and well educated, Salim saw the immense potential in the current global scenario and believes in giving wings to the youngsters of Nashik so that they can go abroad to further their education.

Salim networks widely and has changed the face of the Versatile Academy. He takes advantage of the latest technologies and is ahead of all his competitors. He has great plans to put the students of Nashik on the World Map.

Saniya Ramani is the director for Versatile International, the department within the Versatile Academy that offers foreign language learning programs. Saniya has a Bachelor’s Degree in French and Education and has a Master’s Degree in English and Education. She teaches French in schools as well as corporate organizations. She is also involved in facilitating the inclusion of teachers into the B Ed program of the Pune University.

She has introduced the teaching of various foreign languages at the Versatile International. Foreign languages like French, German, Spanish, Japanes, Russain, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic and Korean are already running here. In hiring faculty, she picks only the best.

Mr. Rustom Ramani is the logistics in-charge. With over 50 years of experience in running the Singer Dealership Retail outlet at Nasik, he is a hands-on person. He is the backbone who silently guides his family and stands by them through thick and thin.