Corporate Trainings

Versatile Academy is the leading Corporate Foreign Language Training Institutes in Nashik. We provide customized foreign language training to Corporate, SMEs and colleges. It has become imperative to converse in multiple languages to grow your business diversity. Foreign Language training is a serious business affair in a corporate today aiming to extend cross-cultural and language training to its employees. Versatile academy aims to overcome this language barrier through its excellent foreign language training programs. Training can be delivered at any location of your choice. In-house corporate language training for employees’ offers customization in course-ware, flexibility in time and is definitely cost effective.

Versatile academy has a pool of qualified and experienced native speaking trainers. With deep subject matter knowledge, our corporate language trainers are well versed with the industry jargon and business vocabulary and expressions. The course is designed specifically to meet the foreign language needs for corporate. We focus on impeccable oral and written communication as both are equally important for corporate deals. Our foreign language training courses help companies grow and expand internationally allowing you to converse in foreign languages for better collaboration.

With globalization, there is an increasing need of multi lingual employees who can converse and deliver work in various languages. Versatile Academy provides corporate foreign language training to train your existing or prospective staff on various languages.

The training content is designed as per the company’s needs and aligned to the organization’s goals and culture. Training can be in-house or at our office basis your expediency. In house corporate language training is often more cost effective when it is for the same language requirement. Training is scheduled as per the staff’s flexibility. There is more productivity as they do not waste time on travel and can concentrate more on the learning and implementation.

We provide all the best of corporate training foreign language programs at the most affordable rates. We identify your objectives and plan a training solution so as to meet your company’s requirements. Trainers at Versatile Academy are experts or natives of the language and acquainted with the culture and heritage. This allows us to deliver better content and allows you to feel more linked to the language that you have to learn.

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